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Department of Classical Philology

The trade of Classical Philology deals with the (ancient) Greek and Latin language and literature as well as cultural, historical, religious, social and other fundamentals of the Greek-Roman Antiquity. This epoch ranges from 700 B.C. (origin of the Greek alphabet) to 600 A.C.

We put special emphasis on the research and mediation of the most important types of Greek-Latin literature: epic poetry, tragedy, comedy, lyric poetry, historiography, rhetoric and philosophy.

Research Areas

The research of the Institute of Classical Philology at the Heinrich-Heine-University concentrates on the areas:

  • Greek Epic Poetry (e.g. Homer)
  • Ancient Tragedy and Comedy
  • Ancient Autobiography
  • Reception of ancient literature in the film medium
  • Minor and fragmentary Historians of Late Antiquity
  • Manichaeism

Head of Department

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Markus Stein

Building: 24.52
Floor/Room: 01.31
Phone +49 211 81-12960
Fax +49 211 81-11727


Siglinde Kowalski

Building: 24.52
Floor/Room: 01.35
Phone +49 211 81-12990
Fax +49 211 81-11780
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